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International Air + Ocean
Additional Services
Logistics Solutions
Logistics is the planning and control of the flow of goods and materials through an organization or manufacturing process. Innovative Logistics Group can provide our customers with cost effective solutions of any complexity. Our experienced staff can provide data collection and analysis to complete turn key implementation. We can offer global transportation (air, ground, rail and sea) 3PL (network design, carrier management, cross dock, sequencing and kitting, container management and packaging) via our strategically located facilities throughout North America.
Transportation Solutions
Innovative Logistics operates as a transportation company, shipping by motor vehicle; in inter, intra or foreign commerce, transporting freight of all kinds throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. 
Rail Solutions
We offer many different rail options to best serve our customers. Shipping via rail is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to truck.
Specialized Solutions
Innovative Logistics Group has made several ground breaking advances in the field of transportation. These patented solutions provide a cost effective alternative for shipping commodities throughout the world. These specialty items designed for freight protection and cost reduction are what set Innovative Logistics Group apart as a pioneer in the transportation industry.
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