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Network Design
Container Managment
Container Managment
Container Mangement


     Innovative Logistics Group can serve your company as the LLP, Lead Logistics Provider. Our team can provide your company with complete origin to destination supply chain management.  Utilizing route design, competitive carrier procurement, distribution centers, and continuous improvement we will reduce costs and optimize resources in your supply chain. Our ICMS system provides electronic visibility to the status of all routes throughout the network, and alerts customers of late and off schedule shipments. At Innovative Logistics Group high level customer service is standard and never compromised while helping customers achieve their cost savings objectives.


  • Visible Electronic Carrier Procurement System
  • Carrier Contract Management
  • Insure Supplier conformance to schedule and shipping instructions
  • Claims Management
  • Transportation Network Design
  • Transportation Network Management
  • Carrier Performance Tracking


Cost Benefits

  • Reduces Material Handling Costs
  • Streamlines and reduces costs for Transportation Network
  • Advance notice of shipping discrepancies
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