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Container Managment
Container Managment
Container Mangement

     Production facilities that utilize parts with high option content, such as steering wheels for an automotive assembly line, can have up to 60 different part numbers for a single commodity. Storing 60 standard packs on the line, and holding 60 storage banks wastes inventory dollars, productivity, and floor space, so many production facilities request this type of material to be shipped sequenced to the production schedule. The Innovative Logistics Group has extensive experience in sequencing for a variety of different customers and production facilities. Utilizing both our own proprietary software, and our customer’s programs we pick to the sequenced schedule, perform scan verification, and carry out quality checks during our process.

  • Decrease Material Inventory Costs
  • Increase Production Line Productivity
  • Improve Floor Space availability
  • 100% Error Proofing
  • JIT delivery
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