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Deck II Systems
     Either in trailers or containers, DECK II combines high strength and rugged durability to double ones usable floor space.  The double-load floor becomes a protective barrier and is capable of carrying up to 30,000 extra pounds.  DECK II is ideal for shipments of crushable, non-stackable, and odd sized cargo.  This system is available for purchase and can be easily installed by your shop or ours.
Deck width : 24 inches Deck Thickness : 2 ¾ inches
Deck Weight : 65 lbs. per deck, Approx. 1600 lbs in a 45’ trailer
Materials : High strength structural aluminum with steel clad 1/2” all weather plywood
Rated Capacity : 1500 lbs. per deck (uniformly distributed) 4x4 pallets cover 2 decks
End Fittings : Laminated steel end fittings standard, and a unique new fitting available for FRP trailers
Number of decks: 20 decks per 45’ trailer,22 decks per 48’ trailer,24 decks per 53’ trailer
Space Occupied : Approximately 65 cu. ft when decks are up
Suitable for shipping Crushable, non-stackable or split loads: bagged products, LTL freight, office equipment, Computers, and others when load separation is desirable.
Installation: Trailers or containers, new or used, with folding or rollup doors, and with various cargo restraining bars, Insulated vans and FRP’s. Can be outfitted at our Chicago or Detroit locations, or can be easily installed in about 18 hours in your own shop at great savings.
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